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Archipelago International Reveals The New Faces of Its Seven Brands at The Annual Archipelago Fair

18 November 2015
Archipelago International Reveals The New Faces of Its Seven Brands at The Annual Archipelago Fair Archipelago International Reveals The New Faces of Its Seven Brands at The Annual Archipelago Fair

Jakarta, November 18th 2015 - Archipelago International, Indonesia's leading hotel management group revealed the new faces of its seven core brands during the annual Archipelago Fair 2015 in Surabaya. Archipelago International, famous for its favehotel, NEO, Quest, HARPER, Aston, Alana and Kamuela hotels, has given each of its brands a modern new look to provide each one with a totally unique identity.

The overall design highlights for each brand features the fundamental new characteristics of each brand in order to strengthen brand awareness and recognition amongst the public:

favehotel - Targeted at the young millennial, budget travelers, favehotel now features an eye catching campaign and catchy slogan, "You Just Got Pink'd". NEO – The budget brand for the business traveler. Sexy and trendy with a futuristic feel, the phrase "Try Something NEO" ties together with the new NEO girl to bring the brand to life. Quest - Hotels for the adventurous family: "Are you ready for a Quest?" HARPER – Hotels for the young professional. An eclectic mix of colors brighten the hotel with exciting on-site activities, parties and events. Live extraordinarily! Aston – An international brand with full service amenities and a high-end feel. The new ad campaign showcases the brand's meeting and business-focused hotels, whilst future campaigns will highlight its destination hotels. “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve”. Alana – An international brand with ethnic flair. Celebrating Indonesian culture with local batik headboards, special Indonesian cuisine and local artifacts throughout each hotel. The new ads feature guests in high-end traditional clothing at cultural settings throughout Indonesia, with the phrase "All the luxuries you deserve." Kamuela – The “dream campaign", set in different and natural, exotic locations to get couples dreaming of the most magical honeymoon in Indonesia.


“Our new campaigns not only provide a modern new look for our seven core brands, but they are designed to reflect a better focus on our markets, their needs and how we can serve them. The redefined characteristics of each hotel will make it clear to the public which brand suits them best, with corresponding benefits across the entire Archipelago International brand portfolio.” Said Tenaiya Brookfield, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Archipelago International.

About Archipelago International

Archipelago International is one of Indonesia's leading hotel operators with a portfolio of over 110 hotels and 15,000 rooms. As a continually expanding brand, Archipelago International has a development pipeline exceeding 100 properties in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Archipelago International brands include: favehotel, NEO, Quest, Harper, Aston, Alana and Kamuela. Archipelago International's properties range from ultra-luxurious villas with private pools to select-service, economy-class hotels to serviced-apartment residences, thus offering Indonesia’s largest and most comprehensive hospitality network.


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