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Aston And Paramount Serpong Choose Separate Ways But Reaffirm Close Friendship

29 October 2012

Jakarta, October 29th, 2012 – Aston International and the Paramount Group recently announced that in order to facilitate each other’s expansion the two companies have mutually elected to discontinue their partnership.

Previously PT. Paramount Propertindo, a prominent Indonesian real estate developer, and Aston International, Indonesia’s leading International hotel operator, worked as close partners on several Paramount owned hotel projects including the already well established and popular Aston Paramount Serpong Hotel which now will be rebranded and fully managed by the Paramount group by the end of this year.

Norbert Vas, Aston International’s VP of Sales & Marketing and Ervan Adi Nugroho, representing PT. Paramount Propertindo in the capacity of Director , said in a joint statement “We both have enthusiastic expansion plans and together a pipeline of far more than 200 new hotels in Indonesia. Given that Aston already is well established in many Indonesian cities and wants to continue its growth as an independent hotel management company while Paramount has chosen the hotel industry to become their core business and wants to grow into many of these cities, it made perfectly sense for us to shake hands, stay close friends but continue to develop independently from each other. “

Spokespeople of both companies underlined their close ties and mutual respect for each other and reaffirmed their confidence in Indonesia’s economy and demand growth for quality hotel accommodations saying that splitting up will create a new and important hotel group under Paramount’s leadership, allow Aston to remain fully independent and flexible and bring much needed additional hotel inventory and enhanced competition to Indonesia’s lodging sector benefiting the economy and the end consumer.

About Aston International
Aston is Indonesia’s leading hotel operator with over fifty (50) hotels and around 12.000 rooms and villas throughout the Indonesian archipelago and a growing presence in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Aston’s brands cover the entire spectrum of the accommodation market and range from ultra luxurious private pool villas to serviced apartments and select service economy class hotels, thus offering travelers Indonesia’s fastest and most comprehensive hotel network.

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